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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Aerodynamics&Aeroacoustics Simulation of subsonic and supersonic flow

Multiphase Flows in the Chemical and Process Industry

DFBI simulation for Naval & Marine Industry

Conjugate Heat Transfer

Industrial Application

Heat exchanger's thermal&flow analysis

Ship drag&lift force and trace test analysis

Aerospace Aerodynamics&Aeroacoustics Anaysis

Thermal Confort in Room and fire modeling, HVAC System, Window modeling

FSI Analysis

Aeroelasticity, flutter analysis depend on flow of homojen parts (one- way or two-way coupling)

Depend on flow and heat, stress analysis of Interaction of a structure with the surrounding fluid

Industrial Application

Wing flutter

Engine cooling,

Fuel tank sloshing

Chip warpage

Blood circulatory & respiratory applications

Finite element Analysis

Structural stress analysis

Thermal stress analysis

Hardware Installation&Networking

being suitable of will perform your work of choosing hardware is great importance

Hardware selection can provide large gains in terms of cost you to mind speed, duration, amount and kind of your business .

Therefore we are ready to support choosing and installation hardware




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