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  iats2013_289/Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Settlements from instrumental Wind Turbine Farms A.Yurtseven ve C.Genç isimli yayınımızı sempozyumda sunduk. http://www.iats.yildiz.edu.tr/web/program.html
  SOLIDWORK TÜRKİYE, yenibiris.com ve Bemar Kariyer işbirliği ile Türkiye'nin 8 noktasında düzenlenen SOLIDWORKS Temel+İleri eğitimlerini başarıyla tamamlandık.
  BEMAR KARIYER işbirliği ile GAZİ, BAŞKENT, YILDIRIM BEYAZIT, ve TURGUT ÖZAL ÜNİVERSİTELERİ 'nde düzenlenen bu seminerlerde konuşmacı olarak katıldık. Seminerimizin ana başlıkları CAD-CAM-CAE nin geçmişten bugüne gelişimi, sektördeki yeri ve önemi
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WELCOME to the My Webside!

My name is Ceren and this side was created by me for introduce myself &share my works. I am CAE Engineering and I have interested in CFD since 2007 and I have take part actively in industrial&university projects and served to be CFD&Thermal Engineer .

I will mention part of my works in this side. I share video,presantation that i prepared and I try to help your problems&questions. You can via CONTACT to topic which you wonder or consult...

I live in Istanbul. I am graduated Kocaeli University. I worked project engineer different area. Then I started work CD-adapco Turkey distributor. I educated Universties in STAR-CCM+ basic and special (marine, aerospace etc.) course. I took technical advice and i helped projects which our customer's in there.

In now, I am currently working as a project coordinator for a company.          I take part in current project with cooperation with industry and universities in freelance and continue to make my own projects.




Oriented your project or the product that will be manufactured ; let us help you in drawing, analysis and design.

For more information, please click here..


Inteded for start new ones or specific to projects; we help for people who want get Applied CFD Course.

For more information, please click here..

Some of my applications...

I uploaded apps and projects which I make until today  and shere with you.  You can via my youtube profile or this link.  
     For more apps, please click here...

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